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Google Says Face Recognition Technology Is “Too Creepy” Even For Them

May 20, 2011

Hey, noticed the increase the last year or so in advertising for things that involve you (sucker) taking a picture of yourself and giving it to a site and they tell you what you will look like older, or as a Na’vi, or what your baby will look like, or as a cartoon. I could go on. The point is that chances are all or most of these are spook operations. But, again, what do I know. Sure you don’t, Microsoft, sure you don’t. And milintel has no access to that super secure data huh. Trust Bill Gates, he cares so much he wants you all to get vaccinated too…

The executive chairman of Google has warned governments against facial
recognition technology – saying it is ‘too creepy’ even for the search

Eric Schmidt said that the technology has advanced rapidly in recent years
and that it could be rolled out across the internet.

But the controversial technique has angered privacy campaigners who claim
that it would be a further erosion of privacy and civil liberties.

Now Schmidt has dispelled any suggestions that internet giant Google would be
the first company to employ the system.

But he warned that there were likely to be other organisations who might
‘cross the line’ and use facial recognition.

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