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Japan earthquake and HAARP. again.

May 22, 2011

Firstly, I thought this was an interesting comment (note: finding mineral deposits is a legitimate and admitted use of this tech):

After the Haiti earthquake I researched mineral exploration and mineral rights purchased in Dominican Republic and Haiti. Eurasian Minerals had purchased 20% of the mineral rights just before the earthquake and the World Bank met the day before the earthquake to consider the loan request by Eurasian Minerals to develop Haiti mining projects, but the committee did not vote to fund the projects. The day after the earthquake the World bank funding committee met and voted to fund the Eurasian Minerals portfolio. On the Eurasian Minerals Home Page ( are listed the five biggest mining projects now underway and coincidentally a HAARP facility is located near each project. Haiti: US-Arecibo, Puerto Rico; Norway: UK-Tromso, Norway; Northern Turkey: UK-Larnaca, Cyprus; Tien Shan Gold Belt, ?US-Dushanbe, Tajikstan; Sumatra: UK-Australia. So it is clear that the locations of the HAARP facilities are related to big global mining projects by the US and UK.

It was attached to this must-see article:

Atmosphere Above Japan Heated Rapidly Before M9 Earthquake – that is supporting evidence that ionospheric weapons were used.

Edit: Look what I found while trying to source the commenter’s statements in reference to the Haiti earthquake:
There is little doubt that Eurasian Minerals was severely impacted by the earthquake. On that particular day, there was no one in the field in northern Haiti or in Cap Haitien. Ironically, the entire in-country professional staffs of EMX and its joint venture partner Newmont Mining Corporation were in Port-au-Prince for a health, safety, and loss control course. Eurasian’s two guest houses in the city were destroyed, its office was damaged beyond use, and two geologists were injured. The very good news is there were no fatalities among the staff or their families.
Further edit: this is the best I could find re world bank/eurasian deals:
The Haiti earthquake was Jan 12 2010. The investment was proposed 8 Dec 09 ( and accepted 19 Feb 2010 (above IFC article). Anyway back to the post.

Now for those who doubt the capability of such weapons to trigger earthquakes, see this EU parliament report:

Let’s stop here for a moment. I do not endorse the quote ‘conspiracy theorists’ who basically say America is behind this and that and everything. Nonononono. In fact that line prevents a lot of people from looking honestly at the subject matter, because it is patently and provably untrue and because it makes no sense. In this case America is taking a beating from the fallout of this disaster more than anyone else apart from the immediate area around Fukushima itself. There is no evidence America (the government) benefited in any way from this disaster. The ‘globalists’, on average, sure did, although maybe festivities at Bohemian Grove might be limited this year…

US Military H.A.A.R.P Facility In Exmouth,Western Australia That Is Even More Advanced Than The One In Alaska

(You know when it tells you ‘US military’ but the facility is in Australia and not actually inside the US base which is referred to, you are reading a sprinkle of anti-US disinfo on your conspiracy cake.)

And another several

Here is a good list of alleged HAARP type stations around the world…put the coordinates into the search box on google maps. Just before you tell me I’m BSing you, make sure you are looking at the green arrow, which is the exact co-ordinates, not the red marker which is simply the nearest road and for this purpose has no relevance.

For instance here is the one in Alice Springs, Australia. This is a ‘joint facility’ shared with the US. I’m not into only presenting things that support everything I say. That would be boring. Hard to find its power but supposedly it’s 3 megawatts. Alaska HAARP is officially 3.6, for comparison.

Foreign leaders visiting Fukushima (since tsunami 11 March):

First, 23 April

(sourced from above article)

Second and third, 21 May (Chinese/SK)

Where, apart from Japan (duh), is the radioactive fallout from Fukushima landing?

USA, primarily



Northern Hemisphere

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