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Dispute official story = Conspiracy Theorist = crazy!

June 3, 2011

Of course he says ‘people think’ the tornadoes etc in America were caused by Alaska HAARP which is dumb. Doesn’t really make sense for even the corrupt/beholden US govt to do that in their own backyard. Plenty other countries have that same technology and we all agree there has been some ‘highly unusual’ weather lately such as Russia’s scorching summer a while back that ruined their harvests, or these tornadoes in the US. I mean, one is coincidence, but two has to get you sort of suspicious even if you’re one of the Foxwashed club.

h/t Sherrie

Listen to the sapping nature of this clown talking down to the viewer as if to a child. I don’t know how their occultism works but I suspect they  were casting something here. Draining to listen to this evil muppet. At least he admits CTs are well educated. Unlike the average drooling MSM viewer huh? A little window of honesty.

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