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Cynthia McKinney – Fact Finding Mission in Libya

June 5, 2011

Obviously this is a ‘left wing’ point of view, but not the George Soros Kosher Kos Kommie Scum kind of left wing. McKinney, who else while in Congress demanded the truth about 9/11. No-one I believe? My point is, set aside any “boo yah hiss I don’t like her she’s a commie” reaction and listen. NATO is committing war crimes by bombing Libya, no doubt at all. Sounds like the Libyans have their own version of Blitz spirit.

Libya - NATO airstrike

Starts about 50 seconds in and runs to 9 mins or so.

Again a perfect time to remind all readers that the ‘white establishment’ is for ‘white asiatics’ only and europeans and africans are not much different in terms of being dumped on. At least the africans know where they stand and aren’t fooled although the Obama psyop was designed to make them feel like part of the establishment for a little while. It seems to have failed. Certainly there are some corrupt commoner europeans involved with the NWO just like there are some ‘uncle Tom’ africans.

Hopefully europeans will figure out this vicious anglo-zionist axis of power, and how they hate the guts of non talmudic europeans and of course non talmudic africans (hence the bioweapon AIDS virus spread via vaccines). Only then will the west have a chance of renewed freedom. I don’t like the WNs, none of them that I have seen have understood that ‘British Israel’, not ‘Israel’, is the higher dark power in this world. In fact they vehemnently deny this.

Funny tidbit which I just remembered, while I’m on the subject. I once read the sig of an Aussie member of SF, and he listed his haplogroups (DNA origin). One was R1b-something, which is typical for western europeans, but the other was a haplogroup (J-something) originating from the middle east including our good friends who are always being persecuted. I nearly pissed my pants laughing at the irony when I looked that up. Preserve the genetic integrity of the west, listen to this Aussie Kke!

Libya and other Arab countries certainly have their problems. The key word being THEIR. It ought not to be our business at all. Except we have nasty meddling governments that have their own interests not consistent with the ordinary people of the west.

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