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UK Police Consider Strike

June 11, 2011

Hey who knows maybe they’ll have a civil protest and then get beaten down by…oh wait!

Britain’s police forces will go on strike again in protest at the coalition government’s plans to cut spending, which are hitting the public hard, reports said.

Thousands of police officers angry over the government’s spending cuts’ program are organizing a national day of action, according to British media reports.

It is expected that representatives of each force gather at Methodist Central Hall in Westminster on July 13 before a two-hour lobbying event with politicians to discuss the industrial action plan, the reports said.

Home Secretary Theresa May will be invited to the event, the Police Federation of England and Wales said.

“The open meeting will form part of our ongoing campaign to show the government our very real concerns about the impact their current plans will have for the future of policing and those tasked with delivering it, as well as the implications for public safety,” said Simon Reed, the federation’s vice-chairman.

The day of action comes after the Home Secretary refused to relent on her police cuts during her annual keynote speech to police chiefs.

Who are the first to die when a state goes Commie? Why, who do you think? The Long Knives come out. Servants of the state are the biggest threat to the state, as well as the biggest asset. That’s why the DU and the prozac is being employed to take out as many of the troops as possible before they have time to do too much thinking about what they fought for.

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