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BBC Mocks ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Who Know About Bilderberg

June 13, 2011

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Bilderberg mystery: Why do people believe in cabals?

The belief in secret cabals running the world is a hardy perennial. And on
Thursday perhaps the most controversial clandestine organisation of our times –
the Bilderberg Group – is meeting behind closed doors.

In the manner of a James Bond plot, up to 150 leading politicians and
business people are to gather in a ski resort in Switzerland for four days of
discussion about the future of the world.

Previous attendees of the group, which meets once a year in a five-star
hotel, are said to have included Bill Clinton, Prince Charles and Peter
Mandelson, as well as dozens of company CEOs.

First meeting in 1954, the aim was to shore up US-European relations and
prevent another world war. Now under the group’s leadership of former US
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and one-time EU vice president, Viscount
Davignon, the aim is purportedly to allow Western elites to share ideas.

But conspiracy theorists have accused it of everything
from deliberately engineering the credit crunch to planning to kill 80% of the
world population. Longtime opponent and US radio host Alex Jones, heckled one
meeting through a megaphone: “We know you are ruthless. We know you are evil. We
respect your dark power.”

Part of the reason for alarm is the group’s secretive working methods. Names
of attendees are not usually released before the conference, meetings are closed
to the public and the media, and no press releases are issued.

Meaning of cabal

  • The use of the world cabal to mean a “secret or private intrigue of a
    sinister character formed by a small body of persons; ‘something less than
    conspiracy'”, was first used in 1660
  • Thirty years earlier, it was first used to mean secret
  • From “cabala” – Jewish mystical tradition

Source: Oxford English Dictionary

Tin Foil Stealth BeanieInteresting piece of satire below. Touches upon many ways certain people talk to me without considering the evidence.

Nasty venomous BBC ‘opinion formers’. The best thing happens when people who start off laughing like the canned audience on that radio show, go all quiet when they realise the joke is on them.

LOL at the last minute of the audio. Like, “right that’s the piss-taking of conspiracy theorists over with, now on with telling you what the real conspirators did today.” How can Radio 4’s audience survive such cognitive dissonance?

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  1. INCOMING!!!!!!! permalink
    June 13, 2011 19:07

    AdamS I noticed on this evenings C4snooze that the GGT is flogging off its BBCTV Centre in London. We paid for it; any sign of a license fee rebate?

    Nah!! The license payer keeps most of London’s cocaine trafficking going via the GGT so the millions they pocket for flogging the centre will be blown on blow.

    Now that isn’t a conspiracy theory, that is looking at the fools infesting the dump. Kind of like looking at the muppets infesting every Bilderberger kneesup and forming your own opinion free from GGT pollution.

    God I hate that place. We pay for the programmes and then we pay again to get a copy of it, then we pay again when they change format. All of it is state sponsored propaganda pumped out by coke addicted children’s TV presenters and their dealers. Goebbels’ Gobshite Towers it is well named.

  2. June 13, 2011 20:29

    I often (well, sometimes) watch MSM and try to guess who the coke addicts are. Although to be honest to read such a load of BS as they manage to do, with a straight face, everyday…hell I’d struggle to do that on car exhaust, never mind whatever is grown on the crown’s vegetable plots.

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