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Warning Third Worlders – David Cameron, Bill Gates Have ‘Vaccines’ For You

June 13, 2011

Oh, we’re so generous…

Cameron pledges ANOTHER £814m towards vaccinating the world’s poorest children
(on top of £2bn we are already going to donate)

  • Pneumonia and diarrhoea vaccines ‘will save 1.4m lives over next five years’
  • UK spending more on Gavi in next 30 years than any country including U.S.
  • Cameron defends ‘strong moral cause’ in light of spending cuts
  • Bill Gates to make donation of $1billion over five years

Read more:

GAVI alliance pledged to deal with the useless eaters
I suggest checking the AIDS rates after these loving merchants of ‘life’ (inverted) have visited your area, especially if you are in a 3W country where ‘they’ can get away with so much more. Oh would that be the ruler of Liberia, ie the country Rothschild’s boys destroyed to prevent them from exporting diamonds and ruining the Rhodes-Rothschild diamond monopoly game with De Beers? Oh, yes it would be. Scum all.

Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation

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