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Your Life On Drugs?

June 17, 2011


Firstly, I oppose the so called ‘War on Drugs’ wholly as it is a) impossible to win, b) immoral and a violation of individual sovereignty, and c) a precursor for an expanded, powerful police state (not to mention any connection between government officials and the drug trade itself.)

But that said. There is a sort of ‘bandwagon’ going on around people who oppose the drug war, and most if not all ‘conspiracy nuts’ (informed citizens) here on the web do oppose the drug war. This meme is springing up that, maybe ‘just say no to drugs’ is a bad idea. Maybe some drugs are good for you. Maybe some drugs give you spiritual enlightenment. Maybe you the soon to be drug taker are wiser than those fuddy duddies who advise against this.

Well I just want to state right now on the record, a thc free, dmt free, meow meow free, NO to all of the above, without exceptions.

Drugs have a purpose, a legitimate medical purpose, or they ought to. Cannabis has real beneficial properties to people with certain conditions. That’s not why it should be legal for consenting adult consumption, though, that is purely a freedom issue. But many drugs benefit people – when they are sick. All drugs have other, negative effects. That’s just how it is.

I have always been a very sober person. Or at least I thought so, lol, turns out I may have actually been getting ‘drunk’ off sugar for years without realising but that’s a candidiasis issue, apart from that I haven’t as much as had caffeine.

Anyway my point is…raaaaar drugs bad don’t take them or you will probably open yourself up to demonic interference.  Hell, I unwittingly did that without drugs.

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