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Dog sentenced to death by stoning

June 19, 2011

So you’re expecting this to be a Sharia story huh? Sorry to disappoint.

Dog sentenced to death by stoning

Several weeks ago, according to the Behadrei Hadarim website, a large dog
entered the Monetary Affairs Court near the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea
Shearim. The dog scared the court’s visitors and, to their surprise, refused to
leave even after they attempted to drive him away.

One of the judges suddenly recalled that about 20 years ago, a famous
secular lawyer who insulted the court was cursed by the panel of judges, who
wished that his spirit would move on to the body of a dog (considered an impure
animal by Halacha). The lawyer passed away several years ago.

Still offended, one of the judges sentenced the poor animal to death by
stoning, recruiting the neighborhood’s children to carry out the order. Luckily,
the dog managed to escape.

Where are the atheists on this? Should be fodder for them. The sound of crickets ensues.

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