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RT Covers Deadly E-Coli Being Likely Bioweapon; Interviews Mike Adams

June 19, 2011

Regardless the source of the ecoli, this whole media frenzy over cucumbers – or is it sprouts? – or whatever they are saying was the source this week, is classic economic warfare via media hype. That said I can’t blame Russia for banning veg imports from the EU, as let’s face it, the ‘crisis’ (never waste a good one) presented an ideal opportunity for Roth agents to whack someone in Russia with ‘food poisoning’ and blame it on the ecoli. Or that’s why I would be banning imports from affected areas if I ran Russia. But I don’t, thankfully. lol.

The Health Ranger just brings positivity to any discussion. Never shouting, always level headed and right on the mark. Common sense.

h/t Skeptical Eye

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