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Beware the Lying Lion Under the Throne

June 24, 2011

This was rather too blatant a piece of ‘globalist’ propaganda for me to pass up covering… (‘Freedom is Slavery’)

Georgia: A Paragon of Liberalisation

What most in the West have failed to grasp is that Georgia’s post-revolution development has completely transformed the impoverished, resource poor and highly corrupt post-Soviet state. More importantly, it has become something of a paragon of liberalisation. 2003 wasn’t just a revolution in liberal democracy but in economic neo-liberalism too. By 2008, GDP growth was hitting 12.5% after 90% of licences and over 70% of taxes were abolished. It has fearlessly undertaken bold measures, such as the total replacement of the entire police force in order to root out institutionalised corruption.

Of course, Western development aid played a part in constructing a service economy out of stagnation but, in 2007, US aid was a mere $85m compared to the $1 billion Georgia received following 2008’s war. It was precisely this success, Ambassador Badridze told us, that motivated the Russo-Georgian conflict, rather than the dispute over South Ossetian independence or Georgia’s NATO membership ambitions. He emphasised how Georgia’s liberalism and successes were raising serious doubts over Putin’s neo-fascist philosophy of xenophobia, authoritarianism and state-capitalism, with its low growth and rampant corruption.

While far from perfect, Georgia is aspiring to the European liberal democratic model, in stark contrast to the deeply conservative regimes that it borders. It has paramount geo-political importance, perched on the door-step of Russia, the Middle East and the resource-rich future battleground [wtf???] of Central Asia. Not only should Georgia be nurtured in this critical stage of its development, but its success in inspiring high growth in a post-industrial society should be an inspiration to us in this critical stage of our own.

Just cos it’s not a jew doesn’t mean it is a gentile, folks.

You really ought to know that George Soros was a major funder and some would say instigator of the ‘revolution’ in Georgia, and of course it was Georgia (with NATO/Israeli backing) that attacked Russia on 8/8/8, not the other way around as our controlled press tried to insinuate for a while. Sure Russia responded, but who can blame them? That one was just more proof our overlords are insane and would quite like a nuclear war.

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