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Drone crashes into Fukushima #2 roof

June 24, 2011

Either a further attempt at sabotage, or the high levels of radiation made it fail.

“Drone Airplane Crashes Into Roof Of Damaged Fukushima Reactor #2”

LOL, h/t to a commenter there. Yes this is a real story:

“Lady Gaga on Japan: It’s safe, food’s great”

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  1. June 26, 2011 18:58

    The Rad level is surreal at Fukushima at least in reactor 1. Modern day CMOS electronics used in the drone literally just disintegrate when they hit the level of radiation we have seen above reactor 1. You need specialized electronics made on an insulator like sapphire to survive. These are very expensive and drones are designed more or less with a ‘disposable’ mindset as there are no humans on board so they don’t have the necessary radiationed hardened electronics that are immune to single event upsets and total dose gate degradation and breakdown. Even these modern day Geiger counters designed with digital microprocessor to post process the raw count data, are somewhat worthless at the levels they are seeing in the fukushima plant. The older analog, models are inherently very radiationed hardened which is why the USA military still uses the older technology aboard their ships. A modern Geiger meter with a radiation hardened microprocessor would cost upwards of $5000 dollars. Why bother when the older analog models are nearly as accurate and only cost a few hundred dollars. More than likely the Drones microprocessor and software just died when it hit a burst of radiation above the plant.

    Hard to say what the Japanese are doing as they are so far behind schedule and not making any progress. Maybe all their nuclear engineers are dead or dying. I took some courses in grad school and as undergrad in nuclear engineering, at UC, maybe 15 people in the class with only 10 getting passing marks. Not many people graduate in nuclear engineering. Typically people smart enough to pass the courses, where you probably need and IQ of 140 to get a ‘c’ and 160 to get an ‘a’ are smart enough to not go into it as a profession. Those that do get brainwashed soon quit after seeing the reality when they go to work for GE or the USA military or one of the major utilities pushing it. No one educated in the nuclear engineering who was not trying to be part of the power elite would ever come out in support of any fission power plant much less these criminal PWR the USN/GE conjured up as they were so cheap to build.

    From my perspective this was well modeled this Fukushima failure by the MI6 and broadcast by the BBC 3 years before hand, and the powers that be that are still running Japan which appears to be the David Rockefeller family have at every step prevented doing the right thing. And the USA has the ‘real’ radiation suits to allow work and most all of the nuclear engineering ‘brain’ power to cap this thing, yet it is not being brought to bear like the USN/USA army did which brought Canada’s Chalk river plant under control after it started melting down.

    Tepco should have long ago been nationalized and turned over to the USA military to put out. After all that is there reactor.

    Right now the situation in only going to get worse as the USA is not leading this and the Japanese are understaffed and with the wrong people to fix the problems.

    Mass sterilization of the North American continent, and genocide of Western America by the MI6/Prince Charles gang who wants to ‘rewild’ the Western USA.

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