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It’s Someone Else’s Fault

June 24, 2011

British nuclear submarine commander accused of killing French fishermen but was Russian vessel to blame?

  • Son of killed fishermen claims Commander Andy Coles ‘admitted’ accident with French trawler
  • Navy sources say Russian submarine dragged fishing boat under while spying on Nato exercise
  • Coles relieved of command after Navy flagship ran aground while he was in charge in separate incident last year

Commander Coles was made an OBE in 2004 after lunching cruise missiles against Iraq during the 2003 invasion.

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Brave man. Er…

Wonder if this was like a seaborne version of fox hunting?

Fox hunting

Of course I’m not suggesting that the ‘incident’ was anything other than an ‘accident’. Notice the automatic reaction is to blame the Russians. Evidence not required…standard MO. I’m surprised Russia hasn’t been blamed for 911 by the Brithish Isarel insiders, although I guess the Birchers effectively did try that for a while back in 2009/10. (I know because I was reading their site at the time when they introduced this with much fanfare, blaming “Russian/Soviet Commies” for being behind “Islamic terrorism”. They have since dropped that line like a bad habit. Probably because it’s baseless and discredits them. Besides, they have a new bandwagon now in Ron Paul.)

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