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No Right To Self Defence – Homeowner “Murders” Burglar

June 24, 2011

Barring some huge development that we are missing, this seems to be a completely justified act of self defence. The SOB got what he deserved for breaking and entering. However thanks to our Frankfurtershule’d legal system, the victim is the criminal and the criminal the victim.

I would be remiss not to mention that Flanagan is an Irish name.

Probably better off using something more blunt, if you’re going to defend yourself in this country. Something like a bat or a pan I suppose would be a better idea. But I presume this fellow just picked up whatever came to hand. Sick sick society where this is murder, not even manslaughter?


Maybe we should take a leaf out of the Americans’ book and start calling them Home Invaders, because that’s what they are. And frankly you should have all the right to deal with a Home Invader on the same terms the government would be expected to deal with an invasion. See what that does to ‘burglary’ rates.

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