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Piers Corbyn forecasts major event June 27-July 2

June 26, 2011

First of all I hope you can see from this video the total BS being peddled (by the presenter) to attempt to provide an explanation for all the strange weather ‘anomalies’ going on, without facing the reality of weather weaponry.

Maybe I’m just being prejudiced, but I wonder to what extent Corbyn has the inside line on this. Certainly however he tells a lot of truth about many things including the fiction of ‘manmade global warming’, and the sun being central to the climate. But recently there have been a whole chain of weather events (note the tornadoes and flooding in the US lately, and the unusual Russian heatwave last year that wrecked much of their crops), that in combination with the way these crown stooge reporters have covered them, leave one with little doubt that weather weapons are in play, and who ultimately is using them.

Is Corbyn, intentionally or otherwise, giving cover for the weather warmongers?

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