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Paisley on the Vatican/Jesuits

July 5, 2011

He is a crown loyalist which is probably why he gets away with saying what he says and Lou Dobbs gets threatened for merely making a passing mention. Although that was on TV so I guess that was different.

Keeps within the frame of the Catholic vs Protestant conflict, which was essentially an old version of the cold war (that is, an overblown divide and conquer game with the manipulators largely running both sides). It does make him seem a little hypocritical, talking about ‘Catholic’ orders while cheerleading for the Orange/Masonic occupiers of Ulster, who surely are just as bad, yet supposedly ‘Protestant’. But, as I said, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone else covering this stuff. Perhaps Jordan Maxwell to an extent.

A Zionist. Probably a high priest of Brith’ish Isarel. Lap dog of HM. I don’t like the man. But in this case the info is worth it.

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