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WN Fail – Think About It Fellow Europeans

July 8, 2011


The modern use of the term popularised initially by Blavatsky.

Later by the Nasties, Runestone Hiss et al.

And today by WNs.

Taken from the ancient writings, the name of the white people who were in Asia.

And mixed with blacks to form what is today India.

Ironic, for a racial preservationist movement.

Is this an inside joke?

Let’s face it all they do is mislead Europeans into being crypto crown loyalists.

NOT Western at all. More like Middle Eastern.

Want to defend the West, best off ditching these charlatans.

Not Kosher, Not Anglophile,

–there are also a lot of nice blacks who are not into the commie bigotry they are force fed–

Not Supremacist, Not Satanist.

How you liek that biatches.

PS – did the Wiccamasonbaal Nastyists want intelligent whites to move into the Fukushima kill zone? Could they have known? Or is it just a convenient coincidence. I really don’t know. (Think b4 you click folks, if you’re IP conscious. NSFW, NSFPC, NSFTWDLCIAMOSSADMI6.)

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