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The Real Reason Why Most Political Bloggers Are Men

July 9, 2011

BBC asks – Political blogs: Why are they dominated by men?

Why do the vast majority of political
bloggers appear to be men?

The flippant answer is that women probably have far better things to do with
their time. (what, like run all the ‘Mommy’ blogs? – AdamS)

The reason given by the Hansard Society – which
has done some research on the matter – is hardly more flattering to the male

“‘While writing and commenting on political blogs seems to be dominated by
men; it mirrors other offline and non-political activities such as writing
letters to newspapers for publication,” said Andy Williamson, Director of the
Hansard Society’s Digital Democracy programme.

“Overall, the evidence for online politics suggests that the more an activity
involves self-promotion, the more likely there is to be a male dominance.

“Where women are active in politics, they are equally as
likely as their male counterparts to be digitally active.”

So are political bloggers the modern-day equivalent of the purple-faced
“Angry of Tunbridge Wells” types of newspaper letters-page legend?

Really it’s about as ludicrous as asking why most soldiers are men. Although, in case you haven’t noticed, feminazis (save for Code Pink, who I do often agree with) are not allowed to criticise the military, as that would spoil things for the state. Remember feminists – you are commie servants and criticism of the state is never allowed in your circles. Is it?

The reason why most political bloggers, indeed most politicians, and most soldiers, are men is the same really. That gender roles are biological and women are not naturally suited to doing these tasks. Imagine complaining that most cross stitchers are women, or most floralists. I mention cross stitch because I just remembered that we (ie boys and girls) were taught cross stitch in school. Unsurprisingly the girls were the best at such tasks and enjoyed them the most. We were also taught woodwork and metalwork, in mixed classes. Guess which gender tended to prefer that. (Actually I recall not liking and almost failing those. Does that make me effeminate? lol)

My point is that gender differences are not due to ‘sexism’, although obviously there are some men and women with bad attitudes towards the other (in fact I find feminists tend to be the ones with the most repulsive and frankly hateful views, eg the article above). Sometimes gender differences, ‘just are’, and trying to change them is futile, no matter how many foundations and educational curriculums and lawyer mafias are dedicated to the task.

Story h/t to TFA.

TSA pat down
“If I had a hammer, I’d smash the police state.”

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