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Englishman Tells Truth About Irish Genocide

July 10, 2011

So rare an occasion that I am taking the time to reproduce a humble web comment. Makes you wonder, huh?

“Just to correct your false assertion; the Irish Famine and the millions of Irish
deaths resulting from it, was not caused by the blight, but by the British
government’s actions in simultaneously shipping 20 shiploads of meat, grain
butter, etc per day over to England to prevent the starvation of Englishmen, who
WERE dependent on the potato for their survival. This action was simple and
unequivocal genocide; the Irish being mostly Catholic, were considered devoid
of any rights whatsoever. But the Catholic priests etc in Ireland were kept fed,
and in return they supported the English actions, against the basic rights of
their own people. This is one of the many reasons why the English are hated
throughout the Republic of Ireland, and rightly so. And I say all this as an

Tim Webb

I would like nothing more than for English people including Eng-Scots, Eng-Americans, Eng-Australians, Eng-Canadians, etc etc to, instead of just blaming your blood brothers for everything, get informed and denounce this Brutish-Israelist crown cabal running the UK and USA and being responsible in no small measure for the two world wars, the creation of Israhell, the global drug trade, the genocides of Africans and Amerindians, the modern education system, and the rabid depopulation agenda. Among other things. It would make me think there were good English people after all, because frankly, I am often left with doubts. Prove me wrong!!

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