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What’s the difference betweenm Ann Coulter and Lady Liberty?

July 12, 2011

Lady Liberty still has ‘her’ rattler.

(senses shaking of heads and tutting)

lol, sorry readers.

(Not as much as the War Phallus in DC that ‘fills’ the ‘reflecting pool’. Almost as creepy as the attempts by some, presumably masons, to deify George Washington. I think Washington was the real deal and would not be happy btw about the Apotheosis of Lincoln. Even if he was ‘the dude’ in the picture.)

The state as a product of dysfunction, ah that would be the theme of this post if this blog were an excessively paid academic.

(image source – obvious masonic BS mixed in there of course)

Okay the ‘columbia’ logo is a woman. But the other two on this page, er I don’t think so.

Would it be not very politically correct to suggest that the heavy gender distortion associated with the occult, is a factor in so many people involved with the occult being sexual deviants?

Don’t underestimate these people, they are clever and for some strange reason more committed than a dive bombing pilot.

The globalists transcend how we normally think of human evil; it’s not about greed, as with most ‘criminals’ etc. I suspect that, hypothetically, the globalists would rather be penniless but in power, than rich but free. I say ‘free’, because even the tyrant himself is a slave, to maintaining his systems of control.

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