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Oh my. Something I didn’t know about the Talmudists.

July 20, 2011

The Brit circumcision has three parts: chituch (the cut), priah (uncovering, peeling off the epithelium) and metzitzah (oral suction). All three are done by the mohel. There has been recent great controversy over metzitzeh. While the origin of this circumcision ritual is found in the Mishnah (Shabbat, 19) there is many responsa regarding this requirement. Modern orthodox rabbis ruled that the mohel should use a glass tube between the wound and the mohels mouth. Hasidic and Yeshivish orthodox Jews continue to require that the circumcision ritual should be done with metzitzeh b’peh (orally, without a tube).

That’s rite, and yet these are the same people raising hell about (the equally barbaric) female genital mutilation carried out by Sharia psychos.

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