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Not allowed to call for uprising against Baal’s people, says Apple

July 22, 2011

Apple yanks ‘The 3rd Intifada’ app

Steve Jobs, now there is a surefire crypto, although the ‘formal’ researchers say not. Apple of course let the DHS app stand which is far worse. Palestinian violence is wrong just as is the, proportionally much larger, Israeli violence. Both the rulers in Palestine and the rulers in Israel do not in any way want peace, it would ruin their power. I am tired of this ‘middle east issue’ being so dominant in western politics. Why don’t european governments just ‘flip the bird’ at both the arab and jewish lobbies. Continue your squabble on your own! However it is true that the state of Israel, a Rothschild-Crown creation, is bent on wiping all arabs off the map who are unfortunate enough to be ‘on their land’. If the west was not so ‘foreign oil dependent’ (due to western/ROG ‘environmental’ restrictions, and suppression of alt technologies) then the whole thing wouldn’t matter.

steve-jobs (image source)

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