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Cenk can has conscience? Or just another piece of Soros grandstanding.

July 25, 2011

While he has unquestionably spun some bullshit over the years (especially since Obama was elected), he always struck me as being a little better than the average press shill. But I accept this could be theatrics much akin to Soros’ feud with Murdoch (which, while it may be very real, it must be said has only helped perpetuate the left-right non-conflict further.)

Back in the day when he was worth listening to:

What I find odd is, not only is his Soros funded show named after ‘Turkish‘ genocidalists, which I’m sure appeals to the j-nazi (and London educated*) Soros, but in later incarnations of the show they ditched the anglo girl and they actually got a (naive or what?) Armenian girl to be co-host. This must be very funny to Soros; would be like having a j host a show called The Black Shirts or something.

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