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Links 25/Jul/11

July 25, 2011

Japan Passes Law To Cleanse Internet Of “Bad” Fukushima Radiation News (in other words, the truth.)

Barbara Loe Fisher ( and Dr Mercola: The smear campaign they used to try and shut us up (here is the, very mild, advert that caused ‘controversy’.)

Introducing Euthanasia in UK (just crazy aristocrats, like Darwin/Galton.)

Lyndon Larouche: QEIII and the Fate of Mankind (LR gets all philosophical towards the end.)

In death, Amy Winehouse joins 27 Club (of occultic/connected artists, most likely murdered, eg Hendrix. Show business is such a dark world behind the ‘scenes’, can’t believe there are still people who want ‘in’. Love of money, I guess.)

Addendum – just as yet another example of how deep the themes of mk go in music, I heard an old song from the 80s today which I had heard before but not really listened to the lyrics and I suspected the ‘angels’ in question were not quite what most people would think. Sure enough the video ends with the King winking his all seeing one eye at us, as if to say “silly girl, we fooled her, we know”. Or at least that’s how I read it. David Icke take note.

Rome Stands With Israel (well that is 2000 year old news…the original ‘golem’.)

Norway masonic zionist shooter

And here is the new ‘white bin laden’. (I would say ‘the new Timothy McVeigh’, but this guy was evil while TMcV was probably innocent and had no real part in killing anyone.) Doesn’t he look smug. Bloody Templars get away with anything. Like Alex Jones was saying today, they have some pleasant and comfortable prisons for people like him (I’m thinking of Hitler’s imprisonment after the Munich Putsch for instance.) Unless of course TPTB are going to whack him LHO style as some suspect, in which case that smug look is all too premature. Crazy person.

Englishman nails it more or less. Like Paisley he I presume has a tribal green light to say things that others couldn’t on TV.

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