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Police’ Military Fetish Continues

July 26, 2011

You just have to watch any of the cop-worshipping TV shows these days to know what is coming. Just happened to see a little of one today, as the checkerboard gang get a hard on about using their big red ‘key’, which they named something daft like The Excalibur or…maybe not that, but something similar starting with an E and I can’t recall what exactly. Of course ‘key’ is their euphemism for a battering ram. So they’re getting all ready to beat down some poor slob’s door at an unknown hour, and they of course ‘have’ to do it quickly (no-knock) because the ‘suspect’ may hide ‘drug evidence’. So they bust in on aforermentioned poor slob and take down this dangerous perp. Some (‘illegal’) drugs are recovered. Well it’s a dangerous job but someone very very brave has got to do it. The public can sleep safely in their beds tonight knowing someone is not intoxicated next door…ya know, unless they have alcohol or a prescription drug.

But cmon folks. Who is really committing the crimes here? The real crimes, against natural law? Sovereignty? Property rights? If drugs and guns were (re-) legalised then half of the problems with gangs would evaporate overnight, as they did when America legalised alcohol. I’m not bothered if they bust down his door (btw damaging property – real crime) to find him sat on the toilet with fifty herion needles in his face (drug abuse – fake crime). The man is not a criminal, just a violater of stupid unenforceable laws (that protect “Dope Inc”‘s business monopoly). No victim, no crime. Well I would contend that all drug abusers are victims in a way, but they made their foolish choice and no amount of arrests will change that. (Obviously I do think it should be illegal to sell drugs to kids, as it is right now btw with alcohol.)

Anyway I get sidetracked easily. Point is, it sickens me how far TV propagandists will go out of their way to make the police look like brave innocent angels, courageously taking down unarmed perps with their bare hands and maybe a dog or taser or helicopter. And I’m not saying that there aren’t some real scum who police deal with, because that is true. However, weigh danger of small time crooks against danger of police/nanny state sucking the soul out of society. No contest.

Oh and re-legalise firearms and citizen defence just for good measure, if you are really concerned about the threat of crime, and not just about preserving the checkerboard/masonic status quo. When guns are banned, criminals are secure in the knowledge they have a disarmed victim – and indeed, so are criminals in uniform who happen to be “just following orders” by busting someone’s door down military style. Right?

You wonder whether locking down Iraq was partly to prepare our heroic warriors (pawns of foreign policy as The Big K said) for the equally dangerous task of locking down UK, USA etc. Don’t you?

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