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Nobody can liberate you, but you.

July 27, 2011

Just observing the latest antics of these racially oriented agitators. No I don’t mean the he-Brevik. I mean these ‘brothas’:

Black Tea Party Protesters Called ‘Sell-Out Negroes’ at NAACP Convention (guess now the video is gone. You aren’t missing much.)

Now since the Tea Party has been somewhat co-opted by the evil Republican war/deficit machine, I suppose their criticism is valid, although it does look like the pot calling the kettle black (or in this case, white. lol.)

While I would vehemently disagree, no doubt, with these NAACPers about the nature of the establishment and ‘who they are’, (cough anglohebrewsatanists cough) I could definitely agree with them that the establishment would like nothing more than to return them to slavery. Which is kind of happening in a roundabout way, via the feminist/drugs/gang paradigm. Oops, did I say feminist, you can’t condemn that and be a leftist can you. Better keep quiet ‘brother’, if you have a problem with the state subsidising divorce and creating a whole new generation of ‘house negroes’ (feminists).

But these NAACPers are so brainwashed, they don’t know their own organisation is a creation of slave traders. Ha! Slave traders. Never even had a ‘colored’ leader for the first half century. Is someone pimpin you? – an ‘Uncle Tom’? I donthinkso.

The problem with political correctness is not only that it prevents a lot of home truths from being spoken. Which it does. But it also causes resentment of your fellow humans in the ‘protected’ groups…which is only allowed to vent through the approved far-right outlet. Perhaps my words are not adequate, but my understanding through experience, is.

Once these brainwashed commies are done ‘agitating’ they will turn around and see the state, perhaps a white gentile, perhaps an anglo/hebrew, perhaps a mexican, perhaps one of their fellow ‘brothers’, truncheon in hand, telling them to move along and get out of the no protest zone.

“But what’s goin on officer? I thought we wuz goin to get all da crackaz stuff”

The banking cartel wants us all dead if we are not to partake in their mystery religion.

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