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Greenpeace: give me a child until he is seven…+ Polarbeargate

July 28, 2011

(James Delingpole)

Have you seen the latest Greenpeace propaganda campaign? Here it is, above: have a glance and see whether you agree with me that the whole business stinks to high heaven.

The second most objectionable part of it is its noisome premise. Volkswagen makes cars not organic tofu ice cream. It is an entirely reasonable position for VW to campaign against CO2 emissions legislation, not least because – as most of us here know – the threat posed by CO2 exists solely in the realm of theory and carbon legislation will do nothing except damage to Europe’s already fragile markets. Yet here is Greenpeace, launching a campaign of vilification against a company which is doing nothing more harmful than looking after the interests of its business model and – as companies are legally obliged to do – its shareholders.

But the most seriously, nauseatingly objectionable part of it is the way – yet again – it has chosen to drag children into its propaganda campaign. Greenpeace has form in this regard…

Yeah, be rebellious kids, join Wing Commander De Rothschild and he’ll tell you what you have to do.

Now onto our furry fiends. I recall something about polar bear numbers, enough to know that they are not decreasing.

image source says,
“This design shows a floating polar bear.
he is homeless and landless.
its lovely but when you see it closer its dead.
its the fact. its happening.”
– no mention of the massive foeticide/infanticide in China then. Priorities and all that.


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  1. July 28, 2011 21:56

    aforementioned image source is

    (in case you haven’t figured it out, dear readers, while wp is fin up I can’t edit posts after publishing.)

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