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Effect on target. Multiple secondaries

July 31, 2011

The hazards of killing candida albicans explained:

“I want to caution people about “die-off” which is often due to mercury
recirculating in the blood stream. Candida binds with mercury to sequester it
out of circulation. When we kill off candida faster than the body can
effectively excrete the excess circulating mercury, it redeposits into brain,
organs, gut, fetus and breastmilk. (headaches, insomnia, irritability, nausea,
malaise, weakness, dizziness are symptoms of excess circulating toxins)”

Anyway just the other day I felt really ‘weak’ especially in limbs, and did not know why until coming across this information which makes a lot of sense. Coconut oil just cuts a swathe through yeast, hee hee I did feel nauseous when starting to eat that. (Also turmeric is a wonderful thing, h/t Incoming.) But it would make sense that mercury being released from the dead organisms, could be causing mild mercury toxicity. Perhaps candida is almost a beneficial reaction to mercury toxicity. Makes me think again whether the mercury containing vaccine (which they were at the time – NHS phased thimerosal out only recently) I had at 14 contributed to all this. Suppose consuming shit loads of wheat, sugar and pasteurised milk did not help either. lol. Anyway I had about 20g of chlorella and a tsp red clay (both of which bind to mercury among many other things) in the last 24 hours and will continue with that for a while. Kind of depressing reading accounts of people who have been stuck with these issues for a ridicul0us number of years and still not cured. Ah hell I’m not gonna be like them. I’m just not.

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