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The Feminist’s Lament

August 1, 2011

Men and women will NEVER be equal at work says new Dragons’ Den star, Hilary Devey

She has secured a coveted slot on Dragons’ Den and runs a £100million company. But still Hilary Devey believes women will never be equal to men in the workplace.

The latest addition to the line-up of entrepreneurs on the BBC2 show represents the best of British businesswomen but, despite her success and fortune, maintains that women will never have it all.

Women want children, women crave the family life and you can’t ever have it all. Men can, women can’t, she told the Telegraph.

In the interview, the 54-year-old said she agreed with former Apprentice candidate Katie Hopkins, who said women ‘didn’t want or couldn’t handle being treated equally to men at work.’
‘A lot of women don’t want to make that sacrifice [of family for career]. It’s how God breeds us and it’s human nature,’ she said.

‘Women want children, women crave the family life and you can’t ever have it all. Men can, women can’t. And the reason for that is pure genetics: a man can’t give birth.’

The Bolton-born businesswoman admits her own family may have suffered as a result of her ambition to have both family and career, questioning whether her decision to sacrifice time at home for hours spent in the office resulted in her son’s heroin addiction.

I wondered, if I had been around more, would things have been different. But, after I spoke to him about this, he says he definitely would have done [heroin] because it was so available and there was so much peer pressure about.’

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Well at least her son was man enough not to blame her…

The feminist runs up against the brick wall of biology. Maybe it was a necessary step for the bankers/social engineers, to get women into the workforce, as they had looted and diluted the standard of living so much that it now takes 2 adults working to support a family on average whereas 50 years ago it was just the one.

But it’s a chicken-or-egg scenario – what came first, feminists or the undermining of the patriarchy (that is, strong and independent males under God the Father). Often these days you do see women carrying society or so it seems. So blame can be cast in many directions for our state, but most of the blame here should fall not with the majority of women (or men), but with Feminism, a subversive ideology invented by the MALES of the Frankfurt School. I always emphasise that for feminists to see, their ideology was not pioneered by women but by cultural destroyers intent on using women as a societal WMD.

It was advanced I guess by women who happen to be cotribalists with those Frankfurt School males, but that’s another story and I’m all out of my un-politically-correct credits for today.

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