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Good Cops Left The Police? Or Not

August 2, 2011

Hope I’m wrong, but these two strike me as operatives pushing the whole alien and new age thing, see below.

There’s such demonicness emanating from these people imo, I can barely watch this video. UFOs probably aren’t alien, but manmade. The alien/2012 thing is a so obvious impending globalist psyop, who knows maybe even the infamous project bluebeam will be deployed. Rothschilds-Rockefellers-Windsors et al want us to worship them as gods, and are advancing this agenda via the new age. Look into the raelien movement.

Witchcraft and so on, is real and purely evil, imo. There is no ‘white magic’, just magic full stop.

What do this current generation, and hebraic pornographers have in common? They both think ‘Christ sucks’.

Btw, regardless whether these two are genuine, it’s a shame that cops who do want to be proper ‘peace officers’ rather than ‘enforcers’ or ‘revenue agents’ have little choice but to leave due to the immense evil running the government. Just look at what they did to Jack McLamb in the USA, his own fellow ossifers left him for dead, as he really wanted to follow the Constitution.

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