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Seal Team 6 – Betrayal?

August 7, 2011

If you believe the MSM, none of the dead SEALS were the ones involved in the “OBL” raid, despite being from the same team. Another ‘coincidence’ I suppose, guess we’re supposed to believe that the Taliban knew who was on which helicopter and which one to hit. Now that would be a miraculous feat, on par with the amazing paper passports surviving intact from the hijacked planes on 9/11.

The trolls on yt are all over this video (h/t aangirfan) so it must be more or less on the mark. I was listening to PCR during the anglo round table with Alex and Bob Chapman on Saturday, and he talked about seeing Pakistani news reports that the helicopter the SEALS who “killed Bin Laden” were getting onto, exploding. These SEALS did not know Bin Laden has been dead for nearly ten years, at least the real one has. Still, it would be very hard, even in the mind controlled world of black ops, to let them live, from TPTB’s perspective.

Remember Columbine, as well as countless similar cases (think LHO) where no-one connected to the black ops (witness or perpetrator) is safe. They are ‘loose ends’ that need to be ‘tied up’. If you’re doing the bidding of the bad guys and think you’re getting away with it, just remember that the beast eats his own.

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