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Video Gaming Teaches Satanism

August 8, 2011

You’d be surprised (or maybe not) how many neonazi/WN types there are out there, playing CoD or any FPS you often get messages from them like ‘FU heil hitler’ or whatever. I make a point of letting them know he was a Rothschild, and Duke is an anglohebrew. Ha ha ha. I guess the only more prominent ‘community’ represented in CoD online are the pot smokers. Oh and 10 year olds shouting their girly voices off on their mics. STFU ya n00bs! Anyway I stopped playing FPS (I used to play all the time, at one point I was in the top 50000 in the world on CoD4) as it is just a pure desouling operation.

What frightens me about FPS/other mil themed games so much is the kids who play these and then join the real military, based on the games. This is a VERY REAL phenomenon, don’t believe a word when people try to say it doesn’t happen, I read it all over the place online, especially on youtube comments. (ah yes where the voice of the people is heard…)

I doubt you get much out of it in terms of tactical knowledge, but hey, what do I know, the US military do promote FPS games, so maybe I am wrong. I guess if you are going to be a drone pilot, lol. Not so funny if you are a Pakistani frontier couple getting married, though, huh.

At least people who play MGS tend to be too well educated (yes, I mean by the game itself) to buy into the whole join the military thing. So it’s not all bad as regards the content of games, but it usually tends to be, just like with films.

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