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Why Do Banks Make So Much Money?

August 8, 2011

Excellent video. Fractional reserve is a crime. There are two fundamental things wrong with our monetary system. One is this, fractional reserve, where private banks are ‘permitted’ to loan multiple times the money that they possess in savings. The other pillar of injustice is the creation of fiat money as a debt by the Bank of England, FED etc. Unless both are changed, we will continue to see ‘the rich get richer’. No you liberal tards, cutting taxes on ‘the rich’ did not cause this problem, and raising taxes will not fix it. Besides the globalists pay no tax at all, or very little, they hide their wealth in foundations – they call this practice ‘philanthropy‘ when really it’s just tax evasion – and the money they ‘donate’ goes to fund eugenics, often. (note that it’s wall to wall anglo/hebraics calling for population reduction, in that last article.)

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