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UK Rioting – Alex Jones, Paul/Steve Watson

August 10, 2011

Alex gathers the anglo round table to discuss self defence, or rather the lack thereof in this case, compared to the LA riots when shopkeepers stood guard with their shotguns to dispel looting. We in the UK and most of Europe in general have a hard lesson to learn about why guns and the right to self-defence should not be taken away from the public, and if you refuse to learn it the easy way, guess what, you get taught it the hard way.

Hit rioters in the limbs with blunt objects, if you must. That way you won’t kill them, since it’s a guarantee if you bash them over the head and kill them (no matter how justified under natural law) then you are going down for murder in this country.

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  1. August 12, 2011 18:10

    What a good job you do. Sadly so few can see this Anglosaxon-Hebrew nexus. England has a problem as 90 % of the people support the monarchy and in fact the crown and the privy council, the rothschilds and their anglo banking kin run the country. In the USA, recent polls show that 15 % of the American people think Congress has any legitimacy. Obamas polls are now plummeting like Sir Bush down to 25. And Obama , who is an English-Hebrew with some uknown Negro father, is just the Queens man destroying the USA to send the jobs and money to Communist China. Much like the Queens Man Harper runs Canada or the Queens consort-lesbian witch-Gillard runs Oz. In Canada the royals have no support as there are not that many Anglosaxons, like the USA. In Oz, it is just the ‘twin’ of England ex the Irish have been corrupted by intermarrying with the Anglo-Hebraics. Everything the English touch turn to shit. I used to get to England a lot on business where I dealt mainly with the Oxford/Cambridge crowd, in fact I don’t think I know any English who did not go to Oxford and Cambridge and every last one of them was homosexual, nuts, greedy, and worthless and stupid. In fact English greed and exporting the Scots and Irish to the USA may yet be the down fall of England. Futhermore England is a nasty functional apartheid state and the Times of London gloats all the time how the Scots, Irish and Welsh will get no political representation. Sadly too many Scots have married into the Hebrew money line and the scots are too few in number to take Scotland and its oil back from the evil witch of Windsor.

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