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BBC coke whores make mistake…interview sincere black man about riots

August 11, 2011

Behold the strength of the crown’s ‘debate framing’ techniques. Evil media covering for the murderers in uniform. Admittedly the guy they killed was a drug dealer, but he probably wasn’t part of Dope Inc and that’s the only reason he got in trouble. Then the pigs put a bullet into their own radio and said that their victim did it, just a cover up like with John Charles de Menezes and Ian Tomlinson.

Who can deny the BBC are chief propagandists of the world. But they made a biiiig mistake here.

(btw I doubt it’s some kind of ‘insurrection’ as he says, it’s just mindless looting, I’m afraid.)

See also – interview – rioting sparked by police beating 16 year old girl

Although he has engaged in some race baiting, I guess living under anglohebraic supremacism could drive you to that.

I’ll give blacks credit where it’s due, AT LEAST THEY KNOW someone is out to get them. Can the same be said for whites? Not generally although I guess that is changing. It used to be more or less common knowledge, for instance seven million Americans starved to death during the contrived depression, mostly white. The two contrived world wars, mostly whites killed. The artificial famines in Ireland 1840s, Ukraine 1930s etc, more dead whites.

(See Murdoch’s Fox News running a smear on the people of Appalachia for instance. In many ways, y’know, people like that are richer than the rest of us. Imagine if he said those things about a black ‘ghetto’. Orally is a total sell out, once upon a time he ran a documentary exposing the holes in the JFK assassination official fable, but now he demonises 9/11 truth. Because he is paid well!)

And Rothschild fingerprints all over the place. But since E Rothschild is a ‘Sir’ (knight of the round table), that means he at some point knelt before QE2 while she did the funny sword thing. So it’s a fair point to say that Rothschilds are probably subordinate to the Windsors.

Point is, the whites who do not have the correct ‘bloodlines’ are essentially viewed as no different to the blacks by the illuminati (that is, the initiated anglo/hebraics + royals of europe and associates). They are to be destroyed, and the blacks are to be destroyed. And hey, if you can make ’em fight each other, great! Speeds up the process. Up yours, Dr Duke. Although you’d probably like that…eew.

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  1. August 12, 2011 21:06

    great catch. you the bbc has been slipping up. what a joke their performance was on 911. jane standley is still on the payroll but they dare not resurface her after that royal fk of hers on 911. jane is probably just another bbc coke whore. cambridges finest. i will try and drop by more often. we may be the only two sources who know who the ‘chosen’ people really are. it fascinates me to no end as to why people cant see this. i’ve been too busy with it issues and writing to spend much time visiting other blogs but i will try and drop by daily. a nasty lot these english overlords are to us here on the ‘ground’. their hebrew bankers pick our pockets while her english jackboots but the rifles to our heads to provide the money to the three richest scum bag famlies in the world, sir david rockefeller, baron rothschilds and the evil witch of windsor.

  2. August 13, 2011 00:38

    Cheers. Well the credit is yours, I might have figured it out after about thirty years or so, lol, had you not pointed it out. Really though I only know one other person IRL who is interested in the whole truth (half african half scots) and I explained all the stuff about the AAA and why I am not new ager or atheist, to him recently and he took it pretty well. Kinda funny really, the last time I spoke to him I was borderline WN and ‘sort of’ new ager (you live and learn I guess), but he trusts me so I more or less converted him in 30 minutes. It was actually he who introduced me to RP back in ’08, and then after xmas I returned urgently to tell him about this guy called Alex Jones who was talking about something called the NWO. lol

    It’s kind of frustrating though, to see people who are celts and deep down they know they are, but are so deeply under anglo brainwashing many fly the blood stained cross flag and support the BNP, the witches have ‘engbrewed’ their minds, I just want to grab ’em by the lapels and shake them out of their trance. But people have to make that decision, to commit to the truth and nothing else, before they can have that level of understanding.

    You know what else is funny? The asiatic appearance of many of the english is not lost on us. I recall one boy (was a bit effeminate but actually a more decent person than many) who was so asiatic looking (despite being wholly english) that people called him ‘chinaman’. Not that he deserved it, poor kid. They also made him dance often, but that’s TMI and irrelevant. Maybe some day I will discuss the clockwork oranging of the school system and some of the things that the kids apparently do there, (I hear stories that’s all.) I could talk at length about the notable reduction in both intelligence and moral compass of school age children, even in my short lifetime, and some of the things kids under 10 do now (allegedly) that ‘we’ would not have thought of just a decade ago. Or maybe I’ll tell the story about the bibles. What happens when the gideons walk into a 50%+ engbrew 11-14 school handing out bibles? You can probably guess the rest. I still have mine though. Name AdamS Age 11 :)

    Anywyay, I’m rambling. Ciao ZGR

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