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What some can say, what others cannot.

August 12, 2011

Is there any doubt that it is not only the israelis who are ‘chosen’? I don’t need to comment excessively on this, I’m just curious as to the line being taken. Roths are Winsor’s servants btw. But I have no problem with, and indeed encourage the spread of understanding among the common English, that they might see how screwed they are by, not America, not the EU, but Brithish Isarel and their evil ‘covenant’. OK this guy strikes me as about as sincere as a government economic rescue pledge, but hey, the times they are a-changing if this stuff even gets written.

As a freeborn and patriotic Englishman, I unapologetically
expel from the furthermost reaches of my anus the most rancid and hideously foul
smatterings of diarrhoea upon every aspect of the anti-English and treasonous
“Royal Family”.

The Windsors hate not only the British people, they take us
for fools bedazzled by their worthless shenanigans; and they laugh
contemptuously at our imbecilic credulousness.

The marriage of a Rothschild-Jewish parasite named Billy
Windsor (“Prince” William) to the hideously ugly and unfeminine anorexic child
of British upper-class privilege whose sluttish name is one of that called “Kate
Middleton”, should stir outrage not only in the hearts of all true patriotic
Englishmen and Englishwomen, but incur, for their licentiously ungodly
behaviour, the wrath of supreme Vengeance upon the house of an unwholesomely
decadent family that continues to not only exploit the gullibility of indigenous
Britons, but the the fawning celebrity worship of a world that has quite simply
lost its collective mind.

I speak as a true-born and freeborn Englishman who loves my
nation more than any member of the illegal and usurper “Royal Family” could ever
hope to enunciate in words that do not betray their utter contempt and disgust
for the working and middle-class people who slave, labour and pay illegal taxes
to “Her Majesty’s” Inland Revenue Service under the illicit and unconstitutional
British Crown System that has held sway over the minds of all Britons since the
illegal deposition of the Republic.

I also speak for the millions of blue-collar workers the world
over, including American citizens, who have absolutely no idea as to the extent
to which this loathsomely dysfunctional and psychopathic Windsor-Rothschild
mutation remains in complete control of everything they thought of being
sovereign unto themselves, yet which was slyly sequestered by means of
international British Admiralty Law. Under BAL, every American citizen is still
is a subject to the the British Crown. You think you’re free? Then think again.
America’s social security laws have always required “royal” assent. You are
owned by the British Crown, lock, stock and barrel.


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