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For The Love of Goods

August 13, 2011

I read this comment about the rioters/looters, that I just had to paste here.

“They say these young people have no cause. This does them a terrible injustice. Their cause is noble and true and must be recognised.

Theirs is a crime of passion. These young people have bravely taken it upon themselves to liberate those things they have been so effectively raised to love.

For years they have received anguishing ransom messages by the captors of their loved ones. During television programs, on the internet, even straight to their mobile phones. It is with unrelenting persistence that they are tormented with the fear that they may never be united. So present and continuous are these messages that it is nye impossible for these tortured people to think of anything else.

It is out of respect that they wear emblazoned on their persons the names of the captive.

The love instilled in these young people is so profound that they have sacrificed all concern for each other and for the public. They are the boldest of missionaries, wholly dedicated to their cause, and it is of little surprise that their burning love has exploded into this public orgy of truly uninhibited consumption, an act of worship to their sacred Greed.

Young people of Britain, Capitalism salutes you.”



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