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The Deification of Women

August 14, 2011

One thing you hear from feminists often is ‘the objectification of women’. This, we are told, is a central part of how females are oppressed by the patriarchy.

A few problems with that. Firstly, more often than not, women objectify themselves and judge themselves and each other based on appearance. Womens magazines are not part of ‘the patriarchy’, they are usually run by women (or homosexual males, that’s the stereotype anyway).

Secondly, it’s just not consistent to say:

“Don’t objectify me”

“It’s mean!”

“It’s bigoted!”

“It’s sexist!”

PS “How do I look? And you’d better give a good answer, quickly, so I don’t think you didn’t mean what you said”

So who is really doing the objectifying?

What I do agree on is that there is a real attempt to materialise everything in society to the point that humans are just meat. It’s not just women, although that is part of the agenda, but now you see they’re even trying the same trick with men. Look at some of the faggoty adverts around these days aimed at men, trying to teach them vanity. That is all part of the attempt to destroy your spirit and intellect and reduce you to base animalistic nihilism. Just read what the PUA people have to say, I guess that’s the new culture and the new values, huh. The sacred pussy.

Biologically speaking, men (or, ‘the patriarchy’) judged each other by the content of their character and their ‘alphaness’. And that’s actually what women do as well, as the PUA people say they will ‘shit test’ men, not because they consciously mean to, but because they are biologically primed to.  And they are only happy, oddly enough, when the man is strong willed enough to be ineffected by their trouble making. That makes a lot of sense.

Now I’m not saying that this system is a good thing, I’m just describing the biological reality. But where the PUA people go wrong is, we ought not to embrace baseness. Civilisation is about building, on top of that animalistic level, a culture. Reason. Compassion. Liberty. Justice. These things probably sound a little alien today, in fact they are the opposite of where we are going, collectively. (To the PUAs, higher cultural values are seen as ‘beta’, and thus ‘unmanly’, when really men ought to be the leaders in adopting these values. GBFM will explain more.)

And all this stems from the deification of women.

See, some point around the 60s or so, someone came up with the bright idea that women could do no wrong and were victims of men. Don’t believe me, look at the cases where women even commit murder, and feminist types will find some reason to blame the man for it, or blame ‘circumstances’, whereas if a man commits murder or whatever, the blame will be squarely with him (as it should be).

This brand of female supremacism, which is really what it is, ought to be criticised alongside white supremacism or zionist supremacism, as wrong and irrational. But we live in an age where Girls Rule and Boys Drool, which I would suggest is the problem.

(image source – heads up for people like me who can’t bear to read too much of that stuff)

And while discussing the deification of women (ever hear about ‘her inner goddess’? Are we being led via feminism into a form of worship?) I just have to include the WNs, yes again. You can learn a lot by reading SF, if you have a critical eye. And unofficial rule #1 is, no criticism of Our White Women is allowed! I mean, unless they’re RMxing or we find out they had a j grandparent. Then criticise away. But otherwise, no criticism permitted! After all, you might hurt someone’s feelings. You wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of our poor pwecious White Women would you? No, then shut up.

Pedestalisation. Deification. But then, the female dominance extends further, because they’re going to dress how they like, and you still have to worship them, but if you as a male worship them incorrectly, as in you show pictures of them dressed how they like, you will still be condemned by the Goddess. Because, you are trying to degrade and objectify Our White Women again! Chauvinist pig.

(Feminism leads to a dead end.)

Y’know, at some point, you just have to say “FU! I’m not playing your games bitch!”

Secretly, that’s really what most of them want anyway, I reckon. Although they probably wouldn’t admit it.

But that’s why there is bisphenol-a, and various gender malforming pesticides and oestrogen mimickers (eg soya lecithin) in our food and water, to stop that from ever happening. Because the MALE elite believe they can control feminist, unfeminine women, and feminised men, more easily, all contained within a materialistic, intellectually dead culture.

“A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.” – Bertrand Russell

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