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Back in 2005

August 16, 2011

The wide eyes gently fell shut, masking the sunlight which was shining through the blind.

We are very dependent on other people, and not in a good way. Most of us anyway, we are reliant on people, strangers, who we don’t know, who provide our food, energy, even our knowledge via the media.

Why should we trust these strangers? Wouldn’t it be easier if everyone was independent?, mused juvenile AdamS.

Visions were constructed – well, not supernatural visions, but imaginations – of how anyone could possibly be ‘freed from civilisation’ in today’s age.

Hmm. A caravan. Well you’d need a solar panel. A sufficiently large area of land. May have to hook up to the mains for water and sewage.

(with hindsight, a well would take out the water problem.)

But you’d still have to pay taxes on the land. Is that fair? Even if you’re not using anything else, you could be in the middle of nowhere, but apparently all land belongs to the government and you simply ‘rent’ it, you can never truly own it.

Perhaps it’s not so bad, instead of going to all that trouble, to just have faith in the system, be an office jockey, and then exchange the pretty paper you are rewarded with all the ‘strangers’, to get by – that’s what everyone else does.

But there’s another thing. This pretty paper. I mean, it has nice font and colours on it, and elaborate designs, and a fugly picture of our german queen, said juvenile AdamS, but isn’t it odd how it seems to buy things that took a lot more effort to make than the paper itself? Coins, that’s one thing. Copper, whatever those other metals are, they have uses, we make things out of them, they are raw materials. But pretty paper? Does a £10 note really cost £10 to make? Surely not – and there’s no way a £20 note takes four times the labour/material to produce compared to a £5 note. No, something is wrong with this picture. Our money…

Our money is simply given a value by the Bank of England!

(Huh? What do you mean ‘fiat’? That’s a car manufacturer.)

Is that fair? If it costs, say, 20p to print one £20 note, then isn’t it going to be a little bit tempting to the people at the BoE to just print more and more? I know I would. And eventually wouldn’t that lead to so much of the money being available that it would be worth less?

But nobody else is talking about these things. Perhaps I’m just overthinking everything, sighed juvenile AdamS.

Are you paying attention son?

You have exams to study for, no time for slacking off now!

Oh well, gtg, Plato’s Cave is calling. Juvenile AdamS signing out.

This post made possible by John Dewey.

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