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UK Riots: Black student explains truth to Boris Johnson

August 16, 2011

I don’t think it’s good that we look to government as some kind of financial saviour. But still, it’s not wrong to plead for your money back from the government (maybe a little futile, but not wrong). Austerity = pay more in, get less out, and more money for the banksters and other corporate cronies attached to the state. ‘Tax Freedom Day‘. How Orwellian.

Of course, the money ‘going to Libya’ is not ‘to help Libya’, it’s going to a bunch of criminal terrorist Al-CIAda thugs trying to overthrow Gaddafi on behalf of the crown, since he was going off script and didn’t buy the 9/11 story and was wanting to nationalise oil and kick out BP, Exxon etc.

Thankfully, Gaddafi armed his people so they could defend themselves against the crown’s thugs. That’s definitely more than can be said for the UK government during these riots.

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