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Ron Paul 2012. “He Can’t Win”™

August 17, 2011

– While I don’t encourage the messianic belief that voting someone into power will alone fix things, Paul is one of the few political figures the world over that I might vote for. –

There’s something about these people of the tribe, they have to be at the forefront of everything even if they’re not entirely in control. Perhaps the greatest Englishmen in history are most of the founding fathers of America and some of the later presidents like Jackson and Lincoln and Kennedy (well he was related to qe2, though it’s odd to think of him as ‘english’ – ‘engbrew’ perhaps) who were attempted-/murdered by the Criminal Rothschilds. None of these people were saints, definitely Kennedy was hated by many and did do some bad things politically, as well as personally, but what matters is in the end he gave his life trying to end the war, shut down the Fed and boot the banksters back across the atlantic from whence they came. And not forgetting his brother who of course did the same. As Jackson said of his greatest accomplishment, “I killed the bank”, and that’s what matters.

So, even the purest (not perfect) revolution in history, that of America, had to be led by masons, many of  whom were great people and as close as you are going to get to benevolent, in the political sphere. Washington shunned the prospect of wielding tyrannical power to go back to his farm, for instance. (bear in mind he was descended from slavers.) Seems even among the most powerful families, sometimes relatively good people are born.

(the tea party was started in 2006-7 by 9/11 truthers and libertarians and antiwar people…only in 2009 was it taken over by the fox news machine and ‘neoconned’ to an extent – although arguably it has not been completely co-opted.)

Which brings us forth to Ron Paul quite nicely, does it not. Guaranteed, any major movement – whether that be the liberty movement in America, the anti-EU movement over here, any movement that is (to any extent) against the NWO and anglozionist banker occupation, will be led by anglohebrew people, either as agent provocateurs or as well meaning masonic place men, or both. I do not underestimate the sincerity of Paul, he has stuck to his message like he is set in stone, for three or four decades. Just like with Alex Jones, there’s no way anyone could do three hours of empassioned radio like he does every day and not believe in what you’re doing. Sure Paul may be a mason, but then a lot of people are masons, and not all of them are bad. Arguably being as prominent as either of those figures are, you’re bound to come into contact with tptb to an extent. Not saying that being a mason is good, of course it’s not, but maybe Paul wouldn’t be where he is if not for being one.

I mean, I’ve run through all the scenarios I can think of, and there is really nothing to lose from Paul being elected president. Because, if it isn’t him then guaranteed it will either be one of the neocons, or Obama (I repeat myself). If he turns in any way then people will see that, because he’s the only candidate (except other small ones) that is principle based not personality based (i.e. for fluoride heads). If he gets screwed out of the election by (electronic) vote rigging, then that can be exposed. And people get educated. There’s no doubt, I would not be writing this blog in the manner I am, if not for Ron Paul. No doubt. And many of you are in the same ‘boat’ so to speak.

The only thing that’s playing on my mind is maybe he is tptb’s choice to ‘manage’ the dissolution of America. Recall those maps that went around a few years ago of Russia and China and the EU and/or Mexico all getting pieces of a broken-up America. I don’t know what to say about that. Could look at it as disinfo to scare you into opposing states rights, or the opposite – a very serious plan to be implemented under the veil of states rights. To be fair, RP has opposed all the ‘free trade’ and NAU agenda. He also called out the cia for drug dealing.

(still think he’s the best candidate by far. Bachmann the hebrew tax enforcer, Rick Perry the globalist friend of Al Gore, Romney the inspiration for Obamacare, er…Palin, errr……Obama, it’s a no brainer.)

Btw, can you imagine what it must be like to keep getting re-elected and going into the belly of the beast, into the lions’ den, as RP has done for decades, to speak the truth? If I were a masonic operative, I’d turn the job down, frankly, unless I really believed something good would come out of it.

I doubt very much Paul will actually be elected president, because of the rigging, but the most important thing is the education that comes with all this. Even TV zombies can understand when someone is talking sense to them. (Okay, they might be a little intimidated by the prospect of thinking for themselves, but they can’t ignore everything that’s going on for much longer.)

I have very rarely if ever covered RP this past year, and the reason for this is, I realised that you in America already have more than enough people from this little island telling you how you should run your country and who to elect, and that that fact is a large part of the problem. I’m thinking partly of John Cleese telling Americans to vote for Obama the royals’ economic assassin last time around, and that they’re stupid if they don’t. I’m thinking much more broadly about anglozionist domination of your government and media, to the point that even the best candidate for prez has to come from that group.

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  1. August 17, 2011 22:20

    Nice write up. I gave Ron Paul some $ in the last campaign, but I don’t trust him. I was there at the start up of the Libertarian party but switched the Peace and Freedom party which went nowhere as they had more FBI agents and Hebrews flock in to control it and promote their own leaders. I always said we should change the name to Prosperity, Peace and Liberty party to attract more people with money and fewer hippies.

    It is a myth that Washington or Jefferson were Masons, although Franklin was one. While Jefferson was a Deist at the end of his life he seemed to repent of his Hebrew ways and accept Christ. Washington knew without the Masonic support his revolution would go no where so he tolerateD them flashing him off. He was after all a very credible English military man. I tapped by accidents into some high level Masonic history once and was surprised when they confessed up he was never a ‘joiner’ nor was Jefferson but the Masons were on good terms with them both.

    The Kennedy were lowland scots who married into the AngloHebrew crown and got lands in Ireland. JFK stood up the Crown on so many issues including he made the mistake of standing with the Irish and against her hebrew bankers, he like Lincoln gave his life for fighting the evil of the crown. All the Kennedy girls have married Hebrews, showing you they know who has the power and money. Personally donkey teeth don’t do a thing for me. That ‘english’ gene turns my dna off. The Carricks or Kennedys like the Campbells and Trumps always curried favor with the English crown for money. It is hard for me to trust a Campbell or a Carrik although clearly, JFK, RJF, and JFK jr were patriots.

    More often than not, I have voted for Ralph Nader who went to Harvard with the Anglo-Hebrews and who is an Arab Christian. If Ralph can’t straighten these crooks out, no one else can.

    Interesting the man for President I got the most behind was a Hebrew, Murray Rothbard who knew were all the bodies were buried in England. Rothschilds money flooded up him out of the Libertarian party. Murray was a real threat to British-Israel, and was probably the only Hebrew on the planet to defend bobby fischer. Murray might have wiped England off the map for us and Israel if by only cutting off their vampire feeding upon us. England has no military as Canada and the USA are it, largely as we both have so few Anglos in our population. Only 8 % of the USA is Anglo, only 2 % have the royal bloodlines traceable to the crown. In England what 90 % of the people probably are English or Hebrew the Celts are so few in number anymore. Oz is about 90 % Engbrew , sadly the Irish married right into the evil of England and seem to love it. Heck they always elect English to rule over them.

  2. August 18, 2011 00:30

    Washington not a mason? Man, but they literally tried to deify him. I knew Jefferson wasn’t a mason but a rosycrucian.

    mm, it’s sad to see the remaining Kennedys totally tamed and doing the bidding of the crown. Although calling for Kennedys to continue rebelling against the NWO is sort of like calling for more Hollywood people to rebel against the NWO, like asking them to sign their own death warrant. Robert Jr at least campaigned against the mercury in vaccines, so I guess there is still a cinder of the Kennedy ‘flame’ still burning.

  3. August 18, 2011 16:06

    yeah i was very surprised to find out he was not a mason. he refused to even visit their lodges, I suppose not wanting to get too close to the demonic. it also helps the masons further their myth that they own everyone. washington used them and not vice versa. jefferson was obssesed with jesus christ and translated the bible himself he trusted the jews so little. at the end of his life the truth wore his occult and deist beliefs off and letters from his friends suggest he got ‘fire insurance’ and professed Christ before he died. it is just a big myth the mason like to promote about washington. now franklin was a full on devil worshipping, orgy loving high level masonic 666 type and more Hebrew than English. Lots of Hebrews in his family bloodline. Franklin had a knack for making money that was supernatural. so he sold his soul for worldly pleasures.

    you see that a lot in the english press, anglosaxon /english girls marrying hebrews for their money then taking them to the cleaners. the rabbis will always approve an anglosaxon-hebrew marriage but never a gentile-hebrew marriage in England. I have noticed that.

    after all jacob rothschilds remarried and american royal wasp.

    great write up, all the indy media crowd including alex the engbrew jones and jeff the hebrew rense are saying don’t vote for ron paul or he can’t win. most of these indy guys are on the cia /mi6/mossad rothschilds payroll.

  4. August 18, 2011 17:43

    To be fair, I was listening to AJ the other day and he ranted for several minutes on the point that RP can win, “anyone can win if you vote for them”, and that the media was lying saying he can’t win. This post was constructed largely because I agreed with what Jones was saying that day. I have not heard him say RP can’t win, if I missed something then ‘my bad’.

  5. alan greenspan permalink
    August 19, 2011 20:23

    he is a cia assets. a deep one. but one for sure. he talks out of both sides of his mouth. i have heard him say both, then at the end say ‘well cant really win’ maybe he is aligned with the ‘whitehat’ part of the cia. but for sure he a judas goat as bronfman funds him. devy kidd, a famous san franciso conservative talk show host, kind a forerunner the neo-zionazi michael savage and a complete water carrier for the anglosaxon-republican-cia branch came out and stabbed ron paul in the back. i could feel the ‘evil’ emanate from the computer when i heard her say that so when i heard that I knew I might as well try and back ron paul again and send him some money. she sold her soul for money like pat robertson. you cant trust the wasp/engbrew crowd for sure, you’re more likely to find an honest hebrew like murray rothbard or brother kapner. jones uses some well known techniques from NLP to program his listeners and mesmerize them and lock them in thought matrix. his people read my blog every day. i have driven him more towards the truth i think over the years. I would say he is not a saved person as he loves worldly music, smoking and drinking beer. I’m praying him and his hebrew wife get saved. After England/Oz/Tel Aviv, texas is the biggest Anglosaxon-Hebrew strong hold in the world ex maybe for NYC. More hebrews in texas than in israel by far. they came to steal the land and run the slave plantations both under sephardi leadership then under ashkenazi leadership after the civil war , and their Anglosaxons cousins slew the natives and booted the spanish out and the mexicans, same thing as in California, this was especially true after oil was discovered there not long after the civil war ended. Texas reminds me of London a lot that way, few people without the engbrew bloodlines. If your in a horse race you place your bets and you never stop rooting until the end of the race you dont talk out of both sides of your mouth like jones does. Jones is a silippery character with one foot in the world/cia/government and one food in the Christian camp. You can’t serve two masters. a talented guy but i seldom listen to him as i cant take his brass voice. Keep up your great work you’re one of the few authentic voices with a ‘clue’ writing. I will pray your voice gets heard more often. a reader complained to me about alex jones pumping him up about ron paul then at the end saying he could not really win, so i listened to the clip and certainly could understand the angst. i think alex jones is currently merely a conditioning agent and to allow the cia to determine how many ‘nodes’ are out there thinking for themselves. with every generation the number of free thinkers dies and free thinkers who can arrive at the right conclusions are far and few between.

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