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An Honest Reading From Canada

August 18, 2011

One person responds to this video,

“I totally have a problem with this. That would mean that your area has a higher radioactivity, per square meter, than  Fukushima city. This is either an error, something local whcih got specifically on your pannels, or otherwise. [AdamS note – or the Jap and US and Canadian govts don’t want to ‘panic’ their people by revealing the actual level of radiation, either in Japan itself or ‘downwind’]

You should contact the local Canadian EPA if you find readings that high. Your entire property would be unsafe to live on.

I have extream trouble beliving this one.

Please contact your local authorities for everyone else’s sake if this is true.”

Bear in mind that it has already come out that there was a spike in baby deaths in the northwest US:,0,5968165.story

And that, well, let’s just say it’s probably not a good idea to trust the authori-ties:

But no, it’s the crazy, guy with the meter who is wrong, he thinks that the radiation is dangerous. Probably a conspiracy theorist as well. Ha, ha, ha. We know governments never endanger their own people and that nuclear is safe. Only a few dozen people died after Chernobyl of course, says Glenn Beck. It wasn’t a million. Hahaha.

All the nuclear testing and nuclear plants everywhere constantly leaking radiation, and the use of DU munitions in our glorious foreign wars, have nothing to do with the global cancer epidemic. Oh, no sir. And there is no global elite who want to reduce the world population by 5-6 billion by their own admission. Don’t listen to the fearmongering on the internet, but make sure you listen to our fearmongering about terrorism and crime on the tv news. Be more like the troops. Just breathe in the beautiful dust and stop asking questions.

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