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The Real Misogyny and Lack of Female Role Models

August 21, 2011

It only recently occurred to me that, it’s not just the patriarchy that has been smashed by feminism, it’s the true ‘matriarchy’ too.

Feminists do hate men in general, but they reserve the most vicious hatred for non-feminist (i.e. ‘real’) women, just the same way as alleged ‘anti racist’ leftists reserve the strongest hatred for blacks who are intelligent enough to see through their manipulations and step outside of the ‘permitted area’ as regards the opinions one is allowed to have.

Although we do live in a ‘matriarchy’ of sorts today, where society is ruled by feminist women under the command of the luciferian MALE corporate oilgarchs (yes feminism is part of globalism designed to break up the family, which is the foundation of a free society and the best hedge against tyranny – you can see why the plutocrats want the nuclear family out of the way), it would be a grave injustice to attribute blame for this to ‘women’ as a whole.

Today’s feminists, who are the primary role models taught to the girls of this generation, are about as feminine as a sledgehammer, and with all the grace and poise of…well…a drunken Gen Y’er staggering about town. (Which is ironic because feminist desouling of society has helped create that.)

They are totally demonic, teach girls to hate and reject their mothers and grandmothers and love the state-abortion-divorce complex instead, and as aangirfan has covered recently, even promote paedophilia. This, I have to say btw, supports the hypothesis made by many Christian-Conservative types that rejection of (God-ordained, in their view) conventional gender roles etc leads to all kinds of perversion, not just some kinds. Although that said, I am not aware of any feminist promoting bestiality.

Feminism has resulted in women being less happy than before.

But what can be expected when real female role models are removed from the picture?

Uh…let’s see, female role models…well there’s the Disney/Project Monarch pop stars, Miley, Brithney, antiChristina et al; then when girls are unhappy with being portrayed as Ho’s in just about every music video ever, along come the Feminists, like the serpent, explaining to them that, it doesn’t matter if globalist corporations produce mass music and globalist foundations promote feminism, just listen to us, Men are the problem, join ussssssss, yeah we may practice witchcraft behind the scenes, but that’s not for the public to see, it’s all about ’empowering women’. You don’t want to be a ‘concentration camp inmate’ like those traditional wives/mothers, oh no, you want to be ‘liberated’ working 50 hours a week while paying big legal bills which will be totally worth it because that chump will get what he deserves, and…oh yeah, forgot about the kids. Well that’s what daycare is for, right?

I’m actually not projecting here at all, I was privileged to have a great mother. I’m just generalising about what goes on these days.

But the good news is, in my opinion, the current generation emerging now are not enthusiastic feminists at all. I was taught english language in a class that was only 2 males including me and about 15 females. One of the modules was all about political correctness brainwashing about racism and sexism. (This was back when I did not know about the NWO, which is probably for the best because the factually correct things I would want to say now in a class like that would probably get me kicked out.) What this stuff has to do with study of english, btw, I do not know.

Our teachers were male, yet obediently followed the curriculum including telling us that men are not necessary today, except as glorified sperm donors. It was like I had accidentally stumbled into the witches’ coven. Yet, I never got the sense that many – or any – of the girls in the class were buying into it. It just did not sit well with them, you could tell. To be honest I probably believed it more than they did, lol.

What feminists and the globalists hope women never ever read or discover is great, truly matriarchal figures like Laveneder Luck or Katherine Albrecht. Because that kind of shatters their little re-programming of women into servants of the NWO.

“Feminism is the WORST thing to happen to women” says Suzanne Venker

All of us have been attacked and cut off from the true culture of our ancestors, which is why people think as they do now about ‘The West’ as having no intrinsic culture except soulless money grabbing and consumerism. But, you from the corners of the world who would laugh at the folly of the West, know that the globalists and their feminist minions are coming for you too.

Be warned.

And any of your males who dissent against this ‘liberation’ by globalist NGOs will be labelled sexists and bigots, guaranteed. Just as I clearly, judging by this post, am a total bigot and misogynist and ‘hater’.

3. A highly respected woman who is a mother.

3. a venerable old woman.

a venerated old woman.

9. A very old, venerable man; an elder.

3. a man of great age and dignity

3. A venerable old man; an elder. Also used figuratively.

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  1. ... permalink
    October 19, 2011 13:54

    wauw feminism? Women want to be threated the same way as men, only if it is in there own benefit. -_-

    • October 19, 2011 14:08

      You are on an anti-feminist blog. Perhaps something got lost in translation?

      Sure, I have never heard a feminist call for hiring quotas in mining, trawling or garbage disposal.

      But that’s only half the story! Men are not dead! We can pick ourselves up and lead again! If some women don’t like it, then that’s too bad for them!

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