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My Greatest (Blogosphere) Sin?

August 23, 2011

Falling for white nationalism? Possibly.

Falling for the new age? Could be.

Criticising Judy Wood back when I didn’t know of the evidence to back up what she says? Shameful.

Arguing that Jesus was a myth? “Could it get any greater” you say?

(Of course in truth it could not.

But that was not what I was thinking of upon starting this post.)

I was thinking of trolling Alex Constantine’s blog several times because he wouldn’t support Ron Paul.

Sorry dude. I was still on fluoride at the time, bear that in mind.

We know not what we do.

We now know the knots ‘they’ have done.

Soon to unravel, nothing hidden that shall not be revealed.

Just filling in ’till Incoming returns…haha

(In the important role of Gibberish Apprentice.)

Spiritual warfare. ratatatatat

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