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Square Mile Disinfo

August 23, 2011

Or, how to blow up the world economy and then blame ze Germans for everything:

“Naturally Germany covets the City (of London). Her industry has to compete with China so it cannot pay large wages. Grabbing London’s banking sector would be attractive, not only because it would solve Berlin’s debt problems but also because of all the high-salaried opportunities it could create. Yet how could Germany manage to move City bankers from Canary Wharf to Berlin’s boulevard Unter den Linden? The only way would be by undermining the structure of the City itself!”

If you look at the financial policies coming from Merkel via the EU, in particular the fianancial transaction tax, it is quite clear that this is aimed at damaging the City of London.

The point isn’t that ‘German’ banksters are any better. The point is, the biggest financial crooks are in Babylondon and JYC. Oh and der Schweiz. Then their laundering place at Tel Aviv. Not being one to overlook the Vatican myself but at the same time, they don’t offer credit default swaps as far as I am aware. The EU is less a German tyranny than it is an Anglo/Rothschild one.

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