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Gaddafi Fights On. UK-USA Want Boots On The Ground?

August 24, 2011

C’mon. For NATO, any excuse is a good excuse. Think of all the precioussss GOLD!!

Once again a defiant Qaddafi has prevailed against the full might of NATO aggression including a murderous bombing campaign followed by NATO special forces on the ground supporting mobs of US/UK/French/Qatari backed Al Qaeda thugs which swarmed Tripoli over the weekend. “Illustrious” news agencies from the Qatari government’s AlJazeera, to the now exposed frauds at CNN, BBC, Reuters, AP, AFP have been caught perpetuating a concerted war propaganda campaign in order to break the will of both Libya and in particular Tripoli.

Thousands of British and American troops on standby to head off potential Gaddafi counter-attack

Preparing to head off any potential counter-attack by Gaddafi forces, NATO powers are readying a “humanitarian” occupation of Libya with thousands of British and American soldiers, risking the possibility that troops could be sent into yet another quagmire to rival Afghanistan and Iraq.

Eager to control the country’s vast oil resources and its 144 tons of gold bullion, a plan to send in troops would represent a complete violation of the UN’s own resolution authorizing military intervention, unless of course the soldiers were labeled “peacekeepers” and inserted under humanitarian cover.
Recall that the EU ground invasion force that was proposed back in April was similarly couched in humanitarian rhetoric and yet would have been empowered to “secure sea and land corridors inside the country,” a transparent military objective.

“Hundreds of British soldiers could be sent to Libya to serve as peacekeepers if the country descends into chaos, Downing Street indicated last night,” reports the Daily Mail.

“The troops have been on standby for Libya since the start of July. All their kit is packed and they are just waiting to get the call to go,” said one source.

Similarly, a U.S. occupation force has also been on standby for several months.

As Infowars reported back in June, military sources indicated that 30,000 troops from the 1st Calvary Division (heavy armor) and III Corps at Ft. Hood were being readied for deployment to Libya by October.

As we highlighted before the NATO attack on Libya even began, hundreds of British, American and French Special Forces were sent to Libya at the end of February to train and command the Al-Qaeda led rebel army. These Special Forces troops were later caught on camera fraternizing with rebels by an Al-Jazeera film crew.

Launching an occupation under humanitarian cover would be an echo of how NATO was able to manufacture a pretext for intervention in the first place, by having the establishment media spin a civil war as a brutal Gaddafi crackdown, characterizing rebels who seized fighter jets, tanks and Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers as “protesters,” before enforcing a “no fly zone” that turned into a bloody bombardment overnight.

Also desperate to prey on the spoils of war is the World Bank, which yesterday announced its desire to “help” Libya’s recovery, no doubt by repeating its routine trick of indebting countries with crippling loans that can never be paid back while swallowing up real assets in return.

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