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Libyan Rebels – Lynch Mobs Out To Kill Blacks

August 28, 2011

“The mainstream media is already engaging in widespread damage control in an attempt to mitigate the fallout of the reality of the situation in Libya and the withering NATO-sponsored narrative of post-Gaddafi Libya.

They are called “Gaddafi loyalists”, “Sub-Saharan mercenaries” and other phrases all pointing to the unfortunate reality that every single black person is now considered by the rebels to be a mercenary hired by Gaddafi.

The Libyan rebels and those carrying water for them in the Western media are now attempting to conceal the fact that they are now committing crimes against humanity in the active targeting of innocent black Libyans.

Some call the attacks “reprisals” or “revenge,” but in reality they are hateful murders carried out by the al Qaeda-affiliated, Western backed and trained rebels.

These killings are irrefutably tied to the wildly racist and wholly unfounded claims that Gaddafi hired Sub-Saharan African mercenaries to murder his own people during the uprising. [AdamS note – don’t agree, he did hire mercenaries, just not to kill his own people as our media said, and obviously only a small proportion of the blacks in Libya can possibly have been mercenaries, not all]

Unfortunately for the painfully ignorant rebels and their Western compatriots, this is simply not true and has never been verified in any way.

As I covered in my article about the “waves of disinformation” emanating out of Libya, even the New York Times now is forced to admit that there is no substantiation for the claims whatsoever.

The rebels have alleged that they captured these so-called mercenaries, but quite conveniently they have never been able to show a single international journalist these captured fighters.

Why? It is pretty simple: there are no black mercenaries that were being used to kill Libyans. In fact, there have been no verified instances of Gaddafi ordering the targeting of peaceful civilians in Libya.
This aspect of the false narrative was debunked so long ago that it seems most of the mainstream media has dispensed with it altogether.

However, the representatives of the undemocratic, racist (notice there are no black Libyan rebel leaders, interesting, isn’t it?) and thoroughly corrupt National Transitional Council continue to peddle these tired lies.

I was watching the Qatari propaganda outlet Al Jazeera earlier today and I witnessed a fascinating exchange between a homogenous panel of “experts” discussing the future of Libya and the relations with the African Union.

One member of the panel was a spokesman for the illegitimate Libyan NTC. This individual parroted every single thoroughly vetted and discredited rebel claim that they have been making since the first days of the conflict.

These included “mass rape”, enormous numbers of civilians allegedly killed by Gaddafi and the hiring of Sub-Saharan mercenaries to fight the people of Libya.

Despite the fact that all of these claims have remained unsubstantiated and some have been completely discredited altogether, the moderator and a professor at Oxford University all nodded in agreement and sat silently by while the rebel spokesman continued to spew pure propaganda and lies.

I was quite disgusted by this lack of journalistic integrity on the part of Al Jazeera. [AdamS note – Al Jizzear are just an extension of the BBC/Oxbridge/Brithish-Isarel propaganda machine] Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised that a station funded by the first Arab nation to drop bombs on innocent people in Libya would be propagandizing the ignorant members of their audience.

Regardless, I always seem to expect that non-Western news outlet might have a bit more integrity and honesty but I am continually disappointed.

The reality of the situation in Libya is ugly and every day that goes by it looks more like it is turning into another Iraq or Afghanistan.

The West seems to have a knack for turning people against themselves based on imaginary divisions of skin color, national origin or religious sect.

In Libya it is an especially dangerous situation because it is quite obvious by now that much of the rebel forces have been successfully convinced that black people are automatically Gaddafi mercenaries, even though this is completely untrue.

One must wonder who is directing these operations on the ground and perpetuating these myths. Could it be the many Anglo-American Special Forces troops that are admittedly on the ground in Arab disguises?…”


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