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UK Troops not allowed to tell truth

August 28, 2011

Why remove these patches? They are some of the most honest depictions of the ‘War on Terror’ yet seen. Why not just go the whole nine yards and learn how to be swashbucklin’. Ar Matey!

As modelled by the EDL last year:

Bring all the troops home. Stop the lies. Stop the brainwashing of our troops. Stop telling them to invade somewhere else and bring death on their land when they did nothing to us. Cease your reign of terror and terrorism, from 9/11 to the Oslo attacks this year. Stop using Islamic bigotry and ignorance as an excuse to drop 500lb bombs on ordinary peoples’ houses and call it Liberation. Stop growing, guarding, shipping and then dealing the opium. Stop trying to blame only America and Israel for everything. Stop your lies you Pimps of War!

All that is hidden shall be revealed.

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  1. August 30, 2011 03:59

    Right on my man!

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