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August 29, 2011

Great video. You can’t believe it even when you see it.

Gaddafi was an egomaniac, but in a way such that he actually wanted to do good for his people. We can debate the merits and drawbacks of his socialism all day long, but that alone was not what made Libya relatively rich; it was freedom from Debt Slavery that did that. Something the left and right can agree on, if they even knew that all our currencies are issued as a debt with compound interest which ‘has’ to be paid as tax, the ‘inflation tax’, a regressive tax.

Honestly, the prosperity we would have in the absence of the banking cartel, is unbelieveable. If Libya can do that, think what all of Europe and America could do. Can’t afford space travel my ass, what we can’t afford is to remain in monetary bondage to Rothschilds. We can’t afford WW3 or a new Great Depression caused directly by these banking oligarchs, just like throughout the 20th century.

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