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How to outwit a neocon…

August 31, 2011

“Here’s a little experiment to try at the next Tea Party event:

You: I will bet everything I own – everything – that I can walk out on any basketball court play any 5 basketball stars you can name and beat them by 2 points. Wanna take the bet?

Them: BWAHAHAHAAHA! Hell, yeah!! But just how to you figure to pull this off?

You: Simple, along with my $200 “Air Jordan” Nikes, Budweiser-sponsored sweat band and Shaquille O’Neal Official “Big Boy” athletic supporter; I’ll also sporting my Kimber CDP .45. Just as the ref tosses up the ball, I’ll shoot all 5 guys, thus winning possession, dribble down court and eventually sink a field goal. I win by two points! Tah-dah! Pay up.

Them: AH! But you broke the rules! And you broke the law! Carry guns aren’t exactly sanctioned NBA paraphernalia, ya know.

You: Oh yeah!? Where does it say that?

Them: In the rules and in the law, dummy.

You: Oh! Well…Gee…yeah…I guess you’re right. Preemptively shooting people to win the game isn’t in the rules….hmmm…OK forget it… But while we’re on the subject, how do you explain Libya? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Iraq? Where in “the rules” does it say the US has the unobjectionable, unquestionable, unassailable, unique and absolute authority to invade another sovereign country sans their aggression upon us? At least in my basketball bet, everyone agreed to the contest and without the Kimber, there is no question I would have lost everything. You’re supporting an unprovoked and Constitutionally un-sanctioned military action against a sovereign country based on lies and self-serving political reasons, killing innocent people who have not taken up arms against us. How is that moral? Legal? Constitutional? Or even decent? The Constitution is America’s Rule Book. It places specific “rules on what the government can and cannot do. Our government has been breaking those rules with impunity for a loooong time. Only a distinct minority, headed by Ron Paul – often only by Ron Paul – has even attempted to make Government play by the rules. “Conservatives” and Neo-Cons hate him for reminding them their oft-professed love for and oath taken to uphold and defend the Constitution makes hypocrites of them all.

Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Davis, Belling, FOX News and the Alphabet News Gang cannot or will not answer the dreaded and embarrassing Constitution question. Oh, they do a great job circumventing the facts, tossing out sarcasm, hyperbole and rhetoric with the occasional ad hominem reserved for “those Ron Paul callers” in their non-stop efforts to corrode public opinion – but they cannot make their answer fit in the Constitution.”

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